Entrepreneurial Stories

Told by the Risk Takers Who Lived Them

Kasim Aslam (Founder, Solutions 8)

Intro "I failed miserably as an actor, but proved to be a pretty good digital marketer/entrepreneur." - Kasim Aslam Kasim is the founder and CEO of the hugely successful digital marketing firm, Solutions 8. As with many other success stories we hear about, this one...

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Clint Greenleaf (CEO, HomePlate Peanut Butter)

Intro “I’ve spent most of my work life searching for efficiencies, and I derive great pleasure from finding better ways to do things.” "Failure is a waypoint in the process, not an end." - Clint Greenleaf It’s often been said, “Once an entrepreneur, always an...

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Jon Martin (CEO, Invoq Marketing)

Intro "We are all able and willing to challenge each other’s ideas..." - Jon Martin, re: company culture Jon was influenced at an early by working for his father's printing business. This early exposure to starting a business, as well as, the opportunity to work...

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Lynare Antoinette (www.lynarea.com)

Intro "Dealing with my own limiting beliefs has been something that I deal with all the time. I am always listening to books or some form of personal development." - Lynare Antoinette Lynare Antoinette is a talented and dynamic lifestyle/weight management coach,...

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Pam Winnie (Artistree LLC)

Intro "For me, defining success is more internal. It's the feeling I get when I see my clients’ reaction when they look in the mirror for the first time.  Often happy tears are involved." - Pam Winnie Pam has an very unique story. When she graduated from the Art...

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Andy Fine (Founder/CEO of Valor Connect)

Intro "The biggest thing I’ve learned from failure is that you have to expect it. But equally important is learning how to deal with it!" Andrew Fine is the founder and CEO of Valor Connect. But his experience in business spans back to his high school days when he...

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Mirza Tihić (CEO, Bey Designs)

Intro "I believe entrepreneurship is a way of life, and an opportunity driven behavior, whose aim is to improve the lives of fellow human beings." Mirza Tihić has been the CEO (Chief Entrepreneuring Officer) of Bey Designs since September 2015. They produce...

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Cheryl Snapp Conner

Intro Cheryl Snapp Conner is founder and CEO of SnappConner PR and creator of Content University (TM). She is a popular speaker, author and national columnist on business communication and PR. In 2014, ClearPoint Strategies named her one of the world’s Top 20 Business...

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Greg S. Reid

Intro 'When you do what you love, and love what you do, you'll have success, your whole life through.' Filmmaker and Keynote Speaker Greg S. Reid is a #1 best-selling author, entrepreneur, and the CEO of several successful corporations, who has dedicated his life to...

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