Want To Stand Out? Unique Business Card Ideas To Network Like A Pro

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Business cards.

In a world of social media and the internet, business cards might seem outdated.

However, that’s far from the case.

The truth is:

A business card can make or break someone’s first impression of you.

Excellent business card ideas combine function with creativity.

Most importantly:

They’re memorable.

You might think you don’t need a business card, and you’re right.

Business cards aren’t necessary. But they can help you connect with people you wouldn’t interact with otherwise.

Here’s what else:

When you meet potential employers or clients, you want to make it easy for them to contact you. Sure, you could write your name and number on a napkin, but they could lose that napkin.

Of course, they could also lose your business card.

However, handing someone your business card shows that person that you came prepared.

You’re serious about what you do.

You mean business.

Many people use business cards, so you also need to make your card stand out. You can do this with your color scheme, the fonts, and even the layout.

It doesn’t stop there:

You can include just about anything on your business card. All you need are some great business card ideas and a way to make them happen.

Business cards are a great way to promote yourself when networking in person. You can use business cards to connect with potential schools, employers, and companies.

That’s not all:

A business card is a perfect tool for anyone who wants to make new connections without relying on the internet.

While a business card isn’t a necessity, your business card can set you apart in a sea of students, job seekers, and other professionals.

Great business card ideas will make you stand out.

But what business card ideas should you use? What made business cards the go-to tool for networking?

Let’s look at the history of business cards.

That’s not the end of it:

Today, business cards are an easy way to give out your contact information to people you meet.

You can give business cards to anyone and everyone.

What’s more:

Business cards may be traditional, but you shouldn’t underestimate the power of unique business card ideas.

The best business card ideas share your contact information in a memorable and engaging way.

Here’s what you need to know

Standard business cards are 3.5 inches by 2 inches.

You can opt for a different size, but the standard size is more recognizable.

A different size can help you stand out. However, there are plenty of other ways to stand out without changing the size of your business card.

While most business cards use card stock, you can also make business cards with wood, plastic, metal, and cloth.

Don’t forget:

If you’re looking for business card ideas, take a look at the business cards people give you.

Look at how they designed their business card and what information they included.

Your business card should showcase you and what you do.

The best business card ideas make that information fun to read and easy to understand.

Business cards are small, so make sure you keep yours simple and to the point.

Everyone should use business cards. 

Yes, you read that right:

Even if you’re not working yet, you can create a business card. You can include your current field of study or your future career.

If you’ve just finished school, now’s the perfect time to create a business card.

On the job hunt, you will want to have a way to connect with recruiters.

Are you convinced you need to start brainstorming business card ideas?


Now let’s look at when and how you should hand them out.

You might make some mistakes when you start using business cards, but you’ll get better. And of course, make sure you leave a good impression when you decide to hand someone your business card.

So you know you need a business card, and you have a few business card ideas. Now you need to know how to put your business card to work.

From in-person networking to connecting with potential clients, a business card can work wonders for you and your career.

But wait — there’s more:

Regardless of your industry and connections, fantastic business card ideas can help you build your network and grow your connections.

Let’s look at a few reasons why business cards aren’t a thing of the past.

Check it out:

Business cards have many advantages. The business card ideas that you put into place can have an enormous impact on the benefits you get from your business card.

Here are a few benefits of using business cards:

They’re easy.

Your business card already has your contact information right there. You don’t have to worry about finding a pen and paper or saying your contact information out loud.

A business card keeps all of your information in one convenient place.

Smartphones aren’t universal.

As common as they are, not everyone has or uses a smartphone.

Some people might not even have a cell phone.

If you rely on exchanging your contact information by typing it into someone’s phone, you will miss out on new connections.

Here’s what else:

They aren’t electronic.

Business cards are on paper so that you can access them even without a fully charged battery or a cell signal.

Smartphones don’t like to stay fully charged. And sometimes your phone won’t have a signal. You don’t want to rely on a fully charged phone or a stable cell signal to make a new connection.

They give you legitimacy.

In an ideal world, your skills would be enough to get you a job.

That’s not the case.

So, a professional business card can give others the sense that you mean business.

Business cards may seem trivial, but the time and money you invest in designing a professional business card can mean the difference between landing a new job or client or not.

You can sell yourself.

In addition to handing out your contact information, great business card ideas also promote your services or products.

You can design your business card with your business in mind. Including your logo can build brand recognition, and it can get people to become customers or clients.

Check out the video below to find out how to hand business cards out:

So we already noted what business cards are and why they’re important.

Now let’s look at what all great business card ideas have in common.

Here’s what a card should look like:

Image via freepik.com: Sample Business Card

A business card is small.


Most business cards are about the same size as your average sticky note.

It’s your job to figure out how you can make the most of that small space.

Do you think you don’t have enough space?

Don’t worry, because you can use the back, too.

Don’t underestimate the space on the back of a business card.

Business cards are small, but well-designed business cards can make a significant impact on the people you give them to.

So, you’re ready to create an amazing business card that captures people’s attention and makes them want to contact you.

Now, you have to start creating that perfect business card.

If you’re not a graphic designer, that’s okay!

Here’s why:

You can design your business card or hire a designer.

For example:

Designing your business card will be cheaper than hiring a designer. You can use a free program like Canva to create a business card.

Image via 1stwebdesigner.com: Canva Templates Page

Canva has a few templates you can use, or you can start from scratch.

Also, you can do this:

If you want a polished design, you can hire a graphic designer to create your business card.

A graphic designer has access to more advanced software, and they have the skills to design a more professional card.

You can brainstorm business card ideas with them, and they can help you flush out your ideas.

A designer can take your ideas and form them into the business card you picture in your head.

You don’t have to use a graphic designer, but it can be helpful if you’re not very creative yourself.

The design elements

You should also think about the font you want to use. That also includes the size, color, and placement of different design elements.

Keep in mind:

Since business cards are small, you should use a font that’s easy to read.

Choose a color and size that work well for your chosen font.

If your card is for a business, think about your business’s branding.

For example:

Maybe your business colors are blue and purple.

Stick to those colors.

It doesn’t make sense for your business card to use red and orange text if those aren’t part of your branding.

Like most things in life, you don’t have to stick with the same business card for your entire career. If you decide you don’t like your card, make a new one. You shouldn’t change your business card all of the time, but sometimes change is a good thing.

Watch the video below for more info:

You can create business cards for as little as $50, or you can spend upwards of $1,000.


Let’s look at what can affect the cost of designing and printing business cards.

If you decide to DIY your business card, then you can design them for no cost at all. You can use one of many free programs to create your card.

However, you will have to pay to print a set of business cards.

Printing costs typically start at around $50.

At first, you won’t need to print thousands of cards.

Here’s where it gets more expensive:

If you want to hire a graphic designer to create your business card, that will cost more. Graphic designers with less experience usually charge $150 to $650.

More experienced graphic designers can charge closer to $1,000.

So keep your budget in mind before you jump and hire a designer.

Of course, you will have to pay for the printing cost. But, that’s nothing in comparison to a full design package.

Now for the good stuff:

The business card ideas!

Every person and business is different, and your business cards should reflect you and your business.

But your business card doesn’t have to be boring.

There are plenty of ways to make your business card stand out.

We found a few exciting business card ideas so you can make a lasting impression during your next meeting or networking event.

Make yourself seen and remembered with one or more of these business card ideas.

Your business card is the perfect place to not only state what you do but also to show what you do.

If you’re a divorce lawyer, you can make business cards that tear in half with your contact information on both halves.

You read that right, also:

Yoga teachers can use business cards that roll up like a yoga mat.

If you can translate your work into a creative business card, then do it. Some business cards, like for the divorce lawyer, are practical. Others, like the yoga teacher card, are fun.

Now, you should still stick to the dimensions of a standard business card.


Don’t go overboard.

Another way to make your business card stand out is to leave a space for what you do.

Stay with me:

You can put “I am a” followed by a blank line.

That is especially useful for anyone who provides multiple services.

Got it?

If you’re an actor and an acting coach, this idea is perfect for you. When you meet a casting director, you can write “actor” on the blank line. If you run into a potential student, you can fill in the blank with “acting coach.”

Even if you only have one service, leaving a blank space to write in can make potential clients and customers feel special. Writing in the title for each person means you’re handing out a special card that no one else has.

We can’t emphasize enough how small a business card is.

If you clutter your business card with contact information, logos, and other unnecessary junk, people won’t want to use your card.

So keep it simple:

Leave some white space.

That way, people can make their own notes such as where they met you.

As much as you want to include enough information on your card, you also don’t want to overdo it.

Sometimes, the simplest designs make the biggest impact.

Image by Aurimas via Flickr

Business cards don’t have to be two dimensional.

If it makes sense, you can add a bit of texture to your business card.

For example:

You can make your logo pop out from the card, or you can add a small design element with some texture.

Textured business cards are great because they allow people to find your card easily. Most business cards are the same size, so they don’t feel any different from each other.

If your card has some texture, that will make it easier to find in a bag or wallet full of business cards.

But like we said with the visuals, don’t go overboard with texture.

While you want to choose colors strategically, don’t be afraid to add a pop or two of color to your business card.

Think about it:

Maybe you have a favorite color, or your business has its own color scheme.

Use those colors when thinking of business card ideas.

You can do a lot with small pops of color.

If you have a logo, that’s one way to add color to your card.

You can also make the edges of your business card a different color than the front and back.

And if you truly want to stand out?

Make the background of your business card a color other than white.

Most business cards are white, and some are black. So one of the best ways to stand out is to make your business card a different color.

Here’s what I mean:

Most business cards use a landscape layout.

The card is wider than it is tall. But you don’t have to use that layout.

Make your business card stand out by using a portrait layout.

So instead of making your card 3.5 inches by 2 inches, make it 2 inches by 3.5 inches.

It’s pretty brilliant:

Using a different layout is a simple way to make your card unique.

Your card isn’t any larger or smaller than a standard business card, but the different layout can help people remember your card.

People remember the unexpected. If you hand someone a portrait style business card, they will probably notice your unique design.

Image by rawpixel via Pexels.com

Look at other people’s cards.

Here’s why:

If there’s a business card design that you love, figure out what you like about it.

Maybe you like the colors or the layout. Or maybe the font is what draws your eye.

Finding inspiration can be a great way to develop a few business card ideas of your own.

But you should still find some way to make the card unique.

You don’t want to copy someone else’s business card, even if it’s the card of your dreams.

Not only does that make your card less unique, but it can also set you up as the person who copies other people.

That isn’t the reputation you want.

You can find plenty of business card ideas online and from cards you receive.

However, you have to take them as that:


If you really like someone’s business card, ask them who designed it or what program they used. If they used a designer, then hiring the same designer will probably give you similar, but unique, results.

Watch the video below for more info about how to design a card:

Your business card is the perfect way to make a good impression on a potential employer, client, or customer. The best business card ideas make it easy for you to share a piece of yourself when you meet people in person.

Yes, the internet is an excellent place to connect with others, but not everyone uses the internet. Not everyone owns a smartphone.

However, everyone can accept a business card.

Let’s repeat:

Everyone can accept a business card.

That reason alone should convince you to create your own business cards.

If you’re on the hunt for a job, a business card makes it easy for you to exchange information with potential employers. Business owners and freelancers can use business cards to promote their business and their work.

Even if you’re established in your job or career, a business card allows you to connect with clients. Instead of having to write your information down, you can just hand someone your business card.

Do you have any tips about how to create the perfect business card? Let us know in the comment section below!