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handshake-4011419_960_720-2242535 image source: pixabay.comBefore you choose a major, or graduate, ask yourself this: What can you do with a business degree?While there are a lot of choices, many of them don’t seem too business-related. After all, you went into business because you love business.But… how-to-start-a-youtube-channel-1080x675-7404645 Millions of people are attracted to YouTube, seeking fame, fortune, or some quick entertainment. If you think you have what it takes to go viral, you will want to know how to start a YouTube channel that will garner you the views, likes, and comments to boost you to… Quick NavigationWhy Does it Matter?1. Think Positive2. Prepare 3. Remember the Other Person’s Name 4. Let the Other Person Talk 5. Work on That Handshake6. Talk Slowly 7. Get Feedback 8. It’s Not About You9. It Doesn’t Stop There 10. Don’t Forget to Smile Get Out… 4985477653_5b2b0a8be4_o-3242350 A silent partnership can be a great way for the company to gain capital and the silent partner to receive passive income. There are some benefits and disadvantages to this partnership, though, and you should consider them before you agree to anything. Being a silent… humility-7002141