How To Start A YouTube Channel – Being A YouTube Star

Millions of people are attracted to YouTube, seeking fame, fortune, or some quick entertainment. If you think you have what it takes to go viral, you will want to know how to start a YouTube channel that will garner you the views, likes, and comments to boost you to internet fame.

Think you can be the next viral YouTube star? Then you will want to learn how to start a YouTube channel first.  Just because you feel you have a great idea that the world needs to see and know about, doesn’t mean you will be able to capture their attention quickly.

 After all, in the digital age of instant gratification at the touch of a button, people are unfortunately developing short attention spans. Your ideas may keep one person enthralled for hours, or it may leave another one feeling bored.

Whatever content you create for your YouTube channel should offer something to your audience that is memorable, share-worthy, and inspires them to make your channel and videos go viral.

If you play your cards right, do enough homework on how to start a YouTube channel that will get you the views, likes, and shares you need, YouTube might want to pay you quite well.

Being a YouTube star is not an overnight success story. You will need to have a strategy in place to take advantage of the algorithms YouTube and Google use to get your channel seen by more people on the platform and other forms of social media.

Discover Your Niche Of Expertise

There are a lot of viewers, accounts, and videos on YouTube. So how are you going to stand out and be recognized in the vast amount of media and competitors vying for You Tube’s dollars and social recognition?

Before you ask yourself how to start a YouTube channel, you first want to ask yourself the following questions.

  • What does your YouTube channel offer?
  • What value do you give viewers?
  • Who is your demographic?

 People on YouTube are going to be searching on the platform for videos to watch for a few fundamental reasons.

One, people are looking to be entertained to pass the time. Secondly, people may want to learn something. Making tutorial videos that demonstrate your proven ability to execute a task successfully is a favorite way to get views, build your brand, and cement your reputation as an expert in your field of interest.

Lastly, YouTube is used to sell, market, and advertising ideas, products, and people. YouTube is a massive promotional tool, capable of showcasing independent brands, labels, and products directly to consumers, and circumventing more extensive and more expensive traditional forms of broadcasting media and information.

So, before you prepare yourself on how to start a YouTube channel, you need to know if you are looking to entertain, inform, or sale to your audience.

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And who is your audience exactly?

According to DIGIDAY, most visitors to YouTube are between the ages of 18 and 24.  And the people who visit YouTube spend an average of a little over 10 hours on the website.

Older visitors spend significantly less time on YouTube. People over the age of 65 typically spend a little under 4 hours when looking for videos.

YouTube seems to have it all, from DIY commercials, animations, music videos, celebrity gossip, and game reviews. No matter what you fancy or want to learn more about, there is probably already an established channel on YouTube available to watch.

Recognizing The Power Of Influencers

When you build your YouTube channel, you are going to need people already. Broadcast your skill sets, intentions, ideas, business, or other concepts to others on social media. If you want your YouTube channel to be successful, you are going to need people who are connectors and influencers.

 Feel free to start out informing and recruiting nearby friends, family, co-workers, and neighbors to check out your YouTube channel and other platforms on social media. You want people to share your videos, leave comments, and give you likes.

When people are actively interacting with your YouTube channel, you build up a more reliable reputation and brand. People are more inclined to look for channels that are trending, frequently upload new material, and are of genuine interest to them.

Connecting to people who have a vast network of friends and family is essential because the people connected to the primary person you contact have developed a lengthy history and trust for that person’s recommendations.

Additionally, it helps to play nice with other YouTubers who have more extensive networks and followings. You never know, but when starting out, you might be able to get a share, mention, or shout-out from a more established person on YouTube with a robust channel and followers to check out your site.

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Never underestimate the power that influence has to sway popular opinion.

You not only want to be consistent with the quality of the material you release on your YouTube channel, but you also want to keep the look and feel of your promoted brand on YouTube consistent too.

Make sure to interact with your fans. Say thank you often. Do giveaways and contests if applicable to garner more support and interest in your YouTube channel, and be available to fans, followers, and anyone who wants to reach out and learn more about you.

Taking your time to step-by-step build your brand, develop your channel, and stay within your niche of expertise will help you build your channel, brand, and self as an influential YouTuber to watch and follow. Who knows? With enough dedication, perseverance, and exciting media updates online, YouTube may come calling to pay you for your hard work and efforts.

The Power Of Your Personal Brand

Your brand is the only thing you have to establish your credibility within your niche. Once you decide what type of videos you want to make and release on YouTube, you need to stick things out until you hit paydirt.

 Start small with the projected number of followers and viewers your videos will get and do not become easily discouraged if your viral idea doesn’t take off and make you internet famous overnight.

Yes, sometimes a video of a baby monkey riding a pig will find itself broadcast on television shows, shared on platforms like Facebook, or talked about offline in the public arena, but that’s a rarity.

The public is fickle, prone to hop on new trends, and may not follow the expected result you had in mind.

Stay professional with the look and feel of your brand at all times, and have a plan of action to deal with trolls, dissenters, or mean people looking to cause trouble for your channel as you grow.

When your YouTube channel begins to rise through the ranks to become famous, you never know what unwanted negativity you might unfortunately attract.

Time To Launch

Timing is everything, and since the internet is powered on 24/7, you will need to know the best time to release your videos on your YouTube channel. If you post your videos too early, your chosen demographic may be asleep, at work, or too busy to check you out.

If you post on something that is a current trending topic too late, you may come off as not up-to-date with information, and not someone worth checking out.

Understand that the algorithm for YouTube heavily favors users who frequently update their channel daily, if not more than once within a day to be seen by more viewers. Launching your channel can be exhausting if you are not prepared for handling a grueling schedule of constant and frequent content for viewers to consume.

Value Your Viewers

Make sure whatever content you release offers your viewers value.

Give your viewers a call to action to leave a comment, share your work with others, and anything else you think your audience on YouTube needs to know.

YouTube is not the place to be shy, and there are plenty of people who are interested in making channels and videos with the same type of niche that you are interested in making.

Yes, your videos will have your own unique flair when constructing content. However, if you are not ready to release daily updated content and media, are not current with topics, and are not easily reached by your fans, you won’t be able to grow on YouTube.

Use your channel on YouTube to give back to the online community, inspire, entertain, and consistently deliver the response you seek nearly every time.

If you have to take some downtime, schedule your posts ahead of time, so your fans won’t know you are away. You can also make it a strategy to leave fans waiting for a video update, after warning them that you will be taking some time away to vacation, start a new project, or whatever you have planned. Make sure not to disappoint and release your content as scheduled. No one likes to wait for something and be left disappointed.

With enough patience, effort, and excellent media content delivered often; your YouTube channel may soon be making headlines across the web, news media, and on the lips of people worldwide offline. You can easily start your YouTube channel following the step-by-step instructions online the platform, and soon find yourself showing off your content to the world.