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Replace The Lies in Your Mind With: YES, I CAN DO THIS!

Dear Aspiring Entrepreneur,

Entrepreneurs have discovered some key insights that motivate and push them to extreme levels of success. How do we know this? Five Hundred Stories has interviewed everyone from billionaire Brian Smith (the founder of UGG Boots) to more recent successful startups found on the Inc 5000 list.

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Let’s tackle the big issues, just in case you doubt yourself. After all, you are your worst critic

If you’ve tried to start your own business, you know the lie. There’s voice in your head that tells you that you don’t have what it takes, you’re not skilled enough, bright enough, you will fail miserably and it’s very unsafe. Don’t ignore those voices completely, but rather listen to them just enough to PROVE THEM WRONG. Because it’s true, entrepreneurial ventures are not always safe, and you could fail, and maybe you’re skill isn’t enough. BUT watch this…are you ready?

The Truth:

1. It’s not safe? 

Tell me…what is safe? Nothing about life in general is safe. If you’re working a 9 to 5 job, sure you get a paycheck consistently but you’re not even guaranteed that when you clock in this morning your position will still be needed. The market is fluid, and things change. Positions come and go.

2. You could fail?

Yes, you could fail. Boohoo. Someone wise once said that you should always “fail forward”. That means the more you fail, the more advantage you have because of the value of what you learned moving forward. Next time you’ll be better, and sharper and wiser.

3. Your skill isn’t enough?

That could be true too. First of all, you ARE skilled at something or you wouldn’t have a business. But running a business requires you to be a book-keeper, web/graphic designer, a marketer and a host of other tasks that require great skill. But here’s the point, find the ONE thing you’re good at, and do that REALLY well. The things you’re not as good at (or don’t have time for) you simply recruit people who ARE good in those areas. Services in web design and graphics are much cheaper that you might think. Or if you’re not great at copy, use an online writer service. Some are as low as $15.00 an article. You don’t have to be skilled in ALL areas, you just need to be skilled at finding the right tools and people.


How Can You Ever Succeed?

What all that in mind. Here’s a quick take-away: find a business that is right for YOU. That’s right, you need to know where you shine and where you would potentially have the MOST success. Ask a trusted mentor what skill(s) they see in you. The good thing is, as mentioned earlier, there are tools out there to help you succeed. As a FIRST no hassle step, check out the 2017 Wealth Earning Guide. It’s completely FREE, so you have nothing to lose. It’s time to make it happen!