The 4 Most Popular Podcasts to Listen to for Business Inspiration

If you’re generally interested in business and enjoy finding new things about the field or listening to people share their tips and tricks on how to succeed in business, then you should definitely consider listening to some business podcasts. If you don’t have much free time, that’s not a problem. You can listen to podcasts anytime. Because we want to help you get started, we’ve prepared a list of 4 of the most popular podcasts for people interested in business.

4 Most Popular Podcasts for Business Inspiration

1. Startup

As the name suggests, this podcast is perfect for people who are considering opening a startup and want to get some inspiration from others who have already done it. This business podcast looks at a different startup each season. Then, it follows its trajectory as it tries to establish itself as a business. It’s produced by Gimlet Media and hosted by Alex Blumberg. The first season is actually all about Blumberg’s startup, and how he managed to open the Gimlet Media company. What we love most about Startup is the fact that it provides you with real life examples of what it means to open a business and what it takes to succeed.

2. EntrepreneurOnFire

This podcast hosted by John Lee Dumas is a great example of rather short podcasts that you can listen to on a daily basis. Yes, that’s right, this is a daily podcast that can serve as your business inspiration source whenever you feel like you need one. Each episode features an interview with a successful entrepreneur. Said entrepreneur talks to Dumas about his or her experience, motivation, inspiration, and so on. EntrepreneurOnFire also touches upon failures and how to turn them into lessons. Consequently, its goal is to provide young entrepreneurs with advice on how to get what they want.

3. The Growth Show

Christine Ianni, the producer of this podcast, wants to help you start your own business by presenting you with the problems that you might stumble upon and what you have to do to get rid of them. In each episode, you’ll learn more about famous leaders who have managed to grow their business at an impressive rate and their ideas. This will undoubtedly serve as an inspiration for anyone who is thinking of becoming a business owner.

4. Eventual Millionaire

Who wouldn’t want to listen to a business podcast called Eventual Millionaire? Similar to EntrepreneurOnFire, this podcast hosted by Jaime Masters relies on interviews with millionaire entrepreneurs who share their recipe for success. Masters, who is a business coach, also wrote a book called “Eventual Millionaire”. The podcast is based on that book. People tend to get real in this podcast, sharing both success stories and failures. Moreover, they advise aspiring businesspeople on what they should and shouldn’t do when it comes to building their own business.

These are 4 of the most popular podcasts that you can listen to for business inspiration, and they’re definitely a great way to spend your free time or the time that you usually spend commuting to and from work.