Selling On eBay: 4 Strategies For Top Selling Items on eBay

Entrepreneurs, getting into the eBay selling space, read on. If you’ve ever bough something on eBay, you know you can basically sell anything you want on this platform. Unfortunately, the profits won’t just magically appear if you don’t come up with strategies to attract customers and sell more. Isn’t the ultimate goal to have your products be top selling items on eBay? Which is why you have to think of a business strategy before starting to sell things on eBay. We’d love to help you out! We put together these 4 strategies on how to sell more on eBay, to help you score some extra cash and grow your business.

Selling on eBay: Try These 4 Strategies

1. Optimize Titles and Descriptions

Words have the power to persuade people to buy things, that’s for sure. This means you’ll increase your chances of having top selling items on eBay, if you choose your words carefully. The title of the product and its description are really important, but more so the title. That’s how you’ll be found, so you should choose your words carefully. The title should utilize the full amount of characters allowed. And since the goal here is to be found, the words in your title should be key words that people are actually searching for. Think to yourself, if I were looking for this product what would I type in? Or if you prefer to use a solid keyword tool, we suggest Title Builder. It’s free, and it will tell you exactly what people are typing in eBay search, to find any given product. Take the guesswork out of it!

As for the description, the better you describe a product the less likely it is for potential customers to ask you questions about it. Ideally, people should find the answer to any question they might have in the product’s description. Simply using the description already provided by manufacturer should be good enough.

2. Start Small, Build Trust

The thing about eBay is that when you’re just getting started with it, no one knows who you are. As a result, they won’t trust you if you immediately start selling really expensive things. Since you have no reputation or ratings, you should start by selling small things. People are more likely to trust an unknown seller if they can afford to lose the few dollars they spent on a specific item. All the while, focus on excellent service and delivery, and build your seller rating and positive feedback!

3. Always Use Good Pictures: Adhere eBay Size Standards

Perhaps one of the most important things on eBay are the pictures of the products people sell. You probably do it too: when you come across a product with no pictures, you don’t even bother clicking on it. That’s because it automatically feels like a scam, and you want to see how the product looks before buying it. In this day and age, there’s no excuse for not attaching (at least) one picture to the product you’re trying to sell. Moreover, blurry photos or super low resolution images are unacceptable if you want to sell; period. Ebay has standards for image quality/size. It’s imperative that you follow these. You can check out eBay photo requirements here.

4. Offer Free Shipping: FREE Is Always The Key

There are people who when they look for something on eBay, they specifically select only sellers who offer free shipping. If you want to increase the chances of people buying whatever it is you’re selling, you should consider offering that as well. All you have to do is build that cost into your selling price. Seems too simple, right? Well, it’s just how our brains are wired. No one want to feel like they’re paying extra, above and beyond the cost of the item they want. Having the shipping cost figured into the overall price is a no brainer in today’s e-commerce world.

Selling on eBay can bring you quite a lot of money, as long as you know what and how to sell. We hope today’s brief guide on how to sell more on eBay has provided you with some useful tips and tricks to keep in mind.